Have you heard about Bui Vien Street? Bui Vien is a very famous street located in the very heart of Ho Chi Minh City, in an area called Pham Ngu Lao. Bui Vien is considered as the backpackers’ street, and it’s one of the rare area that absolutely never sleeps.

The entire street is filled with bars, restaurants of all kinds, cheap hotels, money changers, souvenirs shops, barbersm hair dressers, travel agencies, and many other tourists oriented shops and services providers. Among all these, you’ll find plenty of cheap massage parlor, some being clean and nicely organized by professional masseurs, and some way dirtier with masseurs and masseuses that seem to know nothing about what they are doing. That is also where you’ll be able to bring some of the cheapest beer in the entire city, sitting on tiny plastic chairs in the street, in a crowd made of locals of all ages and travelers from everywhere in the world. If that sounds good to you, you definitely have to check it out, but stay alert. Bui Vien and the Pham Ngu Lao area are part or the main tourist spots in the city, which means that’s also where you should be careful what you do with your belongings.

Vietnam is a very safe country with very limited crime, but it’s always better to keep an eye on your bag and hold your phone firmly if you use it in this street. As many never-sleeping streets around the world, Bui Vien is also known to be a place where you can find prostitution, so if a nice girl seems to be a bit too nice with you, you might want to gently refuse her offer, if that’s not what you are into.
Bui Vien is a place you should see, because it’s also part of the culture and it can be a great place to meet locals of different ages, as long as you stay on guard, and don’t drink too much…