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Ha Long Bay Tours – Explore Halong Bay

Although people have lived in this region for thousands of years most of the islands remain uninhabited but these coves and natural towers are rich with wildlife. The fantastic landscape continues into one adjacent national parks on Cat Ba island where you can go kayaking caving or even ride in a seaplane to experience the majesty of these enchanting tropical islands.

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Ha Long Bay Tours provides popular travel destinations in the Quang Ninh Province, a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is definitely a sight to behold and an amazing place to tour in Vietnam. This beautiful Bay is famous for its emerald waters, as well as thousands of high rising limestone islands wrapped with rainforest vegetation.

Our Ha long Bay Tours, totally worth the experience

There are amazing things to discover and beautiful sites to behold. The color of the waters is bright green. You will see limestone pull out of the water at different turns. There are secret lagoons, caves etc. which all would offer a kind of mysterious travel experience.

You will also find some karst islands and other interesting things. A tour around Ha Long Bay would be worth your time.

What makes Ha Long Bay a place to tour?

It is a world heritage site for UNESCO that spread across quite some distance, about 150,000 hectares. It was pronounced world heritage in 1994.

There is a lot of limestone rising out of the water to form islands and cliffs made out of rocks. It should be noted, however, that even though people have lived in this part of the world for thousands of years, quite a number of the islands in Ha long Bay remain uninhabited.

The Bay is enclosed with towering rocks covered with some greens. This site is decorated with natural beauty. Ha Long Bay is located in northern Vietnam close to the Chinese border. It is without a doubt one of the most famous tourist sites in Vietnam. Ha Long Bay tours is one that’d leave you with great experience, especially when you embarked on a guided tour and boat cruise.

Done Halong Bay Tours, what are the other destinations to consider?

After your Halong Bay Tour in the north of Vietnam your next destination should be, Ho Chi Minh City, in the south of Vietnam, formerly known as Saigon. HCMC, as its popularly called, is ultimately a place to spend time in.

Just like other metropolises around the world, HCMC is a lively and entertaining city with a population of nearly 8 million people. The size of this city offers you the opportunity to carve out the kind of fun you want to have.

HCMC is an evolving city, and there are quite some fun things to do in this lovely place, formerly called Saigon. If you are the kind that likes to visit museums, you are at the right destination as there are a couple of museums to choose from: Ho Chi Minh City Museum, War Remnants Museum, Women’s Museum, etc. There is a lot to discover about their food; there are a lot of fresh food, beverages’ and amazing recipes to experience.

Some travelers like to visit the popular Thien Hau Temple. Thien Hau is a deity revered and referenced for having the ability to travel across the sea. One of the fun things to do if you find yourself at the temple is buying incense coils and then attach your names to them. The belief is that as the coil burns, your prayers are transmitted. The temple is mostly quiet, which makes it a great place to visit.

Market areas in HCMC could be a sight to behold. They could serve as eye-opening experience as you watch the average Vietnamese grabs some fresh foods and ingredients.

The market is an important component of the communities; it is the same with other cities of the world. A selfie in this kind of location could offer you amazing scenery. Ben Thanh Market is one of the markets in HCMC targeted by tourists.

Things to note in your Ha long Bay Tour to HCMC

The weather in this city, which is formerly called Saigon can be hot and humid, and in the rainy season, wet to saturated, but downpours usually only last an hour and almost always in the afternoon.

Take with you your favorite hat to keep the sun away from your face, and on those, stormy afternoons in the wet season you should carry with you a small umbrella and a cheap plastic raincoat that can be purchased from just about anywhere on the street.

Wear something light and loosely fitted; be reminded though that you may have to change your top a couple of times ☺. Nonetheless, that may be an experience on its own.

Female travelers may want to put on something more conservative, due to their dressing culture; you may not want to wear something that’d show your cleavage or the upper area of your thigh. A photograph in their famous traditional Ao Dai could be an experience to remember.

HCMC is a relatively safe place; you’d never feel unsafe at any point. Nonetheless, as it is with metropolitan cities, you may want to be careful with some of your possessions if you have to carry them with you.

You can leave some of your valuables back in the hotel as you take a tour around the city. There are lots of beautiful hotels to choose from, and you’d have wonderful experience lodging.

One of the best areas for first-time tourists in Ho Chi Minh City is District One which is at the city center: This environment offers travelers lots of amazing sites within walking distance. There are plenty of cafes, a lot of food to experience and some nice parks to visit.

There is an Uber-like service called Grab to use in HCMC, so don’t be worried about how to get around this lovely city as you look for something interesting to see. Get the App activated on your phone. There are also local taxis, but be sure only to choose the Vinasun or Mai Linh taxi company.

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