We saw it in another article, Vietnamese people drink quiet a lot, and they really love beer. They love it so much that they were ranked third biggest beer consumer in Asia in 2016! And the figures keep growing. In 2017, Vietnam consumed 4 billion liters of beer over the year. That is simply HUGE. Many people in the beer industry understood the potential of the country, and more and more beers are available in Vietnam every year.
One of the first things that will most probably shock you when you’ll order your first beer in a local restaurant, is the fact that they are served in a bottle, with a glass filled with ice-cubes. Yes, you read that right, beer on the rocks.
Different reasons for that: First, Vietnam is among the countries where the beer is the cheapest on the entire world. That doesn’t mean it’s bad, but it certainly is pretty simple, and the colder it is, the better it becomes.
Second,  as we just saw, the quantity of beer consumed is huge, which means local restaurant would need gigantic fridges to keep all the bottles cold. Instead, they usually go for a tiny fridge to store a few fresh ingredients like meat or fish, and keep they beer bottle where there is still space. So the only way to serve cold beers is to serve it on ice. And anyway, the weather is so hot in the South that even beers that are just out of the fridge will turn to room temperature in a few minutes only. Don’t worry too much, it’s weird at first, but you’ll get used to it. You might even ask for some ice with your beer once you’ll be back home after your trip!
So ice is one solution to keep the beer cold. The other solution it draught beer, which is more and more available, but mainly in big cities for the moment.  Speaking of draught beer, there’s a new trend in Vietnam that actually became huge at the same time in different parts of the world: Local Craft-Beer… You want to know more about it? Next week’s article will tell you all you want to know…