10 MUST TRY DISHES IN HOI AN The best Hoi An dishes are exclusively available within the UNESCO World Heritage Site which is this remarkable city, utilising fresh greens, herbs, fish, meat, and even water from the neighbouring Tra Que Vegetable Village, Cham Island, Ba Le Well, and Cam Nam Village. Once a prominent […]

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Vietnamese Music

We talked about how deep Vietnamese culture is. When we mention culture, we don't only mean customs and preferences. We also include painting, religion, poetry, sculpture, and the one part of culture that we are going to talk about here: Music.   Please note that this article is based on my understanding of Vietnamese music, [...]
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The Craft Beer Craze 

Recently, we talked about drinking habits in Vietnam, and about beer consumption, and how vietnamese people love their beers on the rocks… Today, we’ll look into another trend in the beer business: Local Craft-Beer. As you probably already know, we call Craft Beer a beer that was made in a traditional way or non-mechanized way by […]

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The Beer situation in Vietnam

We saw it in another article, Vietnamese people drink quiet a lot, and they really love beer. They love it so much that they were ranked third biggest beer consumer in Asia in 2016! And the figures keep growing. In 2017, Vietnam consumed 4 billion liters of beer over the year. That is simply HUGE. […]

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Vietnamese Drinking Habits

Vietnamese drink. A lot. Especially men, and especially in the country side, but not only. But what do they drink? Mainly beers, and home-made alcohol, that is so strong that it could often almost be used as gasoline to start their motorcycle. Beers are drank as a social activity, whether it’s an after-work gathering, or […]

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