It’s a pretty interesting question right here, because there isn’t one single answer. There are many different answers, as many as the numb
er of possibilities you’ll have when you’ll decide to discover the party life of this bubbling city.
If you want an overall view of , I would describe it just as I would describe Vietnam in general: a incredible scenery of contrasts. Here are a few examples of what to do if you want to party at night in Ho Chi Minh City:
  • Join thousands of Vietnamese people from all ages, and drink warm beer diluted with ice sitting on plastic chairs and enjoying awesome barbecue seafood, meat and vegetables while a guy is blasting music to a level you didn’t know your ears could handle with a bluetooth portable speaker.
  • Suit-up and drop by one of the several high-class rooftops bars and clubs, mostly located in district 1. Those venues are serving pretty expensive drinks, but you’ll get to enjoy the beautiful view on the city from above, and on the stunningly dressed Vietnamese people who can afford it, or at least who want others to believe they can. Music is less loud, but usually extremely commercial.Find a group of Vietnamese people who want to make you discover their culture, and follow them in their favorite karaoke place! Karaoke is a huge phenomenon in Asia, and Vietnam is no exception. There too, you’ll discover the joy of ice in cheap beers, while listening to your new friends screaming in a microphone following a very wide range of songs, going from their traditional Vietnamese all time favorite, to the last hit of Justin Bieber or Cardi B.
Dress comfortably, and join one of the many craft-beer venues that are now all over the city center, and are starting to invade more quiet areas too. You’ll get to choose your home-made beer from a selection of weird names that won’t help you understand what you’ll be drinking, and you’ll pay around at least what you would have paid for a craft beer in Europe, but at least you’ll be able to say you tried the new Vietnamese trend!

So …

You want more examples ? Let’s keep that for the next time… And remember, don’t drink and drive! Taxis are cheap 😉