Alley 76, Hai Ba Trung food street is not only famous for its various kinds of street food but also is a favorite destination of many visitors because of its super reasonable price.

If you are a gourmand in Saigon, you must have ever heard about alley 76, Hai Ba Trung street – the convergence place of numerous popular and attractive dishes. Although only working from late afternoon to 6:00 pm, but the less than 10-metre alley is the dining and gathering places of many people from officers, workers to students. Resonally, the variety of delicious food with the maximum price no more than twenty thousand dong per dish surely makes the alley as the “hole place’’ that nobody can refuse.

There are many types of food are sold in this small alley such as: Thai noodle, crab noodle, chicken rice, noodle with fried meat, noodle with baked meat, fried dough, flan cake…


Turtle Lake in District 3 in Ho Chi Minh city is also the gathering place of many young people in Ho Chi Minh city especially students. If you come across the lake in the late afternoon (about 4pm), you will realize that Turtle lake is not only a relaxing place but also a busy trade place.
This is an ideal place to try famous snacks of Saigon people.

Besides, there are also many other delicious street food are sold along the lake that visitors can try.