Vietnam is a very long territory of  330 967 kmlocated in South-East Asia, with around 93 millions inhabitants. From school, the main things we remember about Vietnam are war, napalm, agent orange, and conical hats, but there’s so much more to it that spending an entire life there wouldn’t be enough to understand everything.

A bit of History

Vietnam, has one of the deepest and the most interesting culture in the world, as well as one of the most amazing History. it’s pretty impressive to realize that Vietnam was at war with the United-States from 1955 to 1975, and that the nearly entire country was demolished by that disastrous period. But today, just a bit more than 40 years later, Vietnam is among the fastest developing countries in the world, with incredible economic growth, and with growing international impact.


To the world

Vietnamese people understood very early that they needed to open their country to the world if they wanted to grow, and they are still working on that at the moment. Infrastructures are more and more coherent with the population needs, factories are starting to follow international standards, companies are dealing with partners from all over the world, schools and formations organisms are training local young people to perfection, exportations and importations figures are higher every year…


Vinehomes project Saigon


Vietnam is now an important part of the international landscape, and they definitely didn’t plan on slowing down. Vietnam is where things happen, and if you want to be part of it, you better act quick, because they won’t wait for you!


Ho Chi Minh city subway
Ho Chi Minh city subway


A new country

If you visited Vietnam five years ago, and you plan on going back soon, you better get ready to discover an almost totally new country, because everything is moving faster that you can imagine. And I’m not only talking about the construction area, which is developing at the speed of light. I’m also referring the the mentalities, to the number or cars and motorbikes around, to the number of english speakers among the younger generations, to the amount of the average salary… the entire country is growing faster than most of its neighbors, and it’s something you can actually feel when you spend time there. And believe me, it’s a very new and thrilling experience…